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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A new blog...

I am new to the blogosphere, inspired by colleague and friend Michael Campana of WaterWired fame. I did not have much to say until a recent appointment to "The Oregon Way for Graywater".  What is the Oregon Way? Oregon has an international reputation, most of the time justified, as having some of the most visionary "green" expertise in the nation. The criteria for this "way" includes promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, and carbon reduction, and above all, creating sustainable quality jobs for Oregonians.

The newly formed advisory committee had its first meeting this month, and anticipates having a meeting monthly to assist the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality with the development of rules for graywater use.  As the meeting minutes and other documents become public information, they will be posted on this blog.  But I can say this about the first meeting.  It was interesting to participate in a discussion on graywater use that went beyond the scale of domestic use.  Many of the suggestions for graywater use spanned small, medium, and large scales and included domestic, municipal, industrial uses, as well as use for "nature".  But more will come once the draft meeting minutes have been approved.

One thing that I learned from the graywater programs developed by other states and nations was that a mediocre to poor job was done at public information and education.  One purpose of this blog is to try this forum for information dissemination.  The other purpose is to encourage my students to learn more about the use of blogs for education and training. So, to start I will recommend one of the most comprehensive articles on greywater use and governance can be found in an article in the magazine Governing.  And one of the best listing of web-based resources on graywater use are the links listed under the Water Use it Wisely website.

Each week I will post the "Graywater Gadget of the Week"  This week is something I found on GOOD  that reminded me of something I observed in Japan last month -
A Toilet that Uses Runoff Water from Your Sink

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