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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Colors of Waste

Oregon is legendary for recycling.  The legacy dates back to the 1970s when Republican Governor Tom McCall pushed for one of the first bottle bills in the US, land use laws that were contrary to the madness of "sagebrush subdivisions" that prevail in many parts of the western US today, public ownership of beaches, and keeping Californians out of Oregon.  While strolling about where I live in Oregon on a typical "sunny" day, I started observing the "colors of waste".  Here I am standing next to a few waste bins that are typical of communities in the Willamette Valley.  No, Oregonians don't try to fill all of the bins up each week.  Rather each bin is used to separate the trash from the recyclables.  For example, the small yellow bin is for glass.  The brown colored bin is for organic wastes (yard wastes).  The blue bin is for recyclables except for glass (commingled paper, plastics, cardboard), and the green bin is for the trash headed for the famous award-winning Coffin Butte Landfill.

But what about a bin for greywater to add to the collection of colored "waste" bins?  Search no further. Leave it to the industrious and clever Australians to market a few of these beautiful bins.  Introducing the Home Water Bowser and Greywater Gator that can be had for about USD$400 - The Greywater Gadgets of the Week! Hoping to see these purple beauties lining the Oregon streets and alleys in the years ahead after the Graywater Advisory Committee and the Oregon DEQ finalize the rules for graywater use!

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