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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Greywater Gets Real

The colors of water reveals that Blackwater is famous for many things, including a Doobie Brothers song.  Yellowwater was also a subject of a Frank Zappa song, Purplewater was portrayed in the movie Purple Rain, and Goldwater served as the icon for a political party.  Not to be outdone, however, it appears that Greywater will now become the subject of reality TV.  Yes, the South African Home Channel will soon be running the Love and Mortar reality TV series starting this week.

Described in the press release, power-house eco-couple Michelle Garforth-Venter and her husband, Riaan Venter, are to star in their own reality TV show.  Inviting viewers into their daily lives, revealing how they juggle busy careers and schedules, while building and furnishing the home, is how greywater is going to become mainstream. “We hope to lift the curtain on the myths of eco-building and products, and show what can be done to live in a healthier, greener home,” Garforth-Venter added.  Riaan adds “Love & Mortar will educate the audience about green building choices and lifestyle options, including environment solutions such as grey water systems, alternatives for waste management, electricity choices and insulation options while maximising entertainment and green learning."
Will they ultimately manage to get the home they’ve always wanted? Tune in to find out.

Those of us working on the Oregon DEQ Graywater Advisory Committee have our work cut out for us now.  How can we match this level of commitment to outreach and education in today's morbid real estate market?  More importantly, who could be Oregon's power-house eco-couple to spread the message of graywater? Come to the meeting scheduled for January 14, 2010 as we begin the deliberations.

I don't make this stuff up.  You could track the news on greywater like I do.  In fact, you should.


  1. Hi Todd,
    My name is Lance and I am Riaan and Michelle Garforth-Venter's marketing and publicity manager. Your blog is fantastic and we agree that globally people need to take a stand against what is happening in the world around them, and ensure that everything they do has a favourable impact on the world. The aim of the show, especially, is to educate the viewers about the things that they are able to do to make these changes, as well as show people that they do not have to give up their modern comforts or 'luxuries' to live green.
    if anyone is interested in what we are doing and why they can visit www.loveandmortar.tv or email me on info@loveandmortar.tv and we will gladly answe any questions that they might have.
    All the best
    Lance Liebenberg
    Marketing and Publicity Manager

  2. Welcome Lance! I was hoping to post the show, or at least a link to it, where greywater planning was discussed. However, the series description suggests it will be sometime before we can share it on the Rainbow Water Coalition. I am surprised at how far along the rest of the world is at adopting greywater for their living styles given that the State of Oregon is known for the *green* lifestyle. I hope Riaan and Michelle plan for a small greywater landscaping pond to show that greywater is safe to be around. The philosophy of the show sure beats US reality TV options. Please keep the Rainbow Water Coalition posted on all water issues with the project as the blog is dedicated to diversity in all colors of water. Thanks for being a friend of greywater.