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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting Rid of the Grey

Most of the reuse of greywater appears to focus on irrigation and perhaps toilet flushing.  What if you wanted to reuse the greywater for indoor use?  How would one get rid of the "grey"?  Search no further, as the Greywater Gadget of the Week is the Kingspanwater Ezy-Filter. According to the website, "The key to the system is the patented filter cartridge that effectively converts soaps, detergents and other impurities into clear recycled and usable water.  The filter uses saline solution extracted from sea water as its main component. Combined with activated carbon, the filter medium requires no chemicals and is efficient in both bacterial and foam elimination, bringing the water back to within European bathing water regulation standards." Filtering greywater to bathing water standards?  This just might be the answer to more greywater use in ornamental ponds, or megafountains like those described at the Wynn properties in Macau and Las Vegas.  Hats off to the Ezy-Filter, the easy way to keep greywater above ground. 

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