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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Golden Greywater

Leave it to the environmentally friendly Canadians to come up with a plan that not only permits gold mining, but also links greywater to the process.  (Disclosure: I am from Newfoundland, so I am not harassing Canadians).  According to this press release, Canadian-based Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc. is developing the Zaruma Gold Project in Ecuador.  Recent improvements to their facility? - you guessed it: "The grey water treatment facility constructed by the Company supplies all the water used at the plant. Water that is required is diverted before entering the local river untreated, purified and used in the operation of the plant."

Over the past few postings, I have been impressed with the creative applications of greywater reuse, for building interiors, building exteriors, and now industrial.  It is clear that the Oregon Graywater Advisory Committee will have to remain open minded as the rules for greywater reuse are developed since many of the commercial applications that the Rainbow Water Coalition has posted are proposed to be located in Oregon.  And gold mining is a big deal in eastern Oregon.

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