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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hughies to the Rescue

No, not a scene out of Apocalypse Now, but rather the Greywater Gadget of the Week! Yes, leave it to the clever Australians to come up with yet another innovative idea to reuse greywater, and imagine this - it is designed for kitchen sink wastewater!  The Hughie is an award winning design, and has been the subject of other blogs on using water wisely, but I have not seen anyone describing the "rainbow" of decorator colors that the Hughie comes in to adorn even the most challenging of kitchen designs.  The video in the sidebar provides a quick overview, but if you want to see this baby in action, check out this longer video (warning, there is alot of coverage of using the Hughie for kitchen sink wastewater reuse, even by children!).  "Send it down Hughie" for some middle ground on this thorny issue of reusing kitchen sink wastewater in Oregon.  Our new neighbors, justwatersavers USA told me that if there is enough interest in Oregon and the US, they will start carrying the Hughies for retail sale.  Bring 'em on, Paul!

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