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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reentering the Enlibra Zone?

Former Governor John Kitzhaber is running for governor again.  The former two-term governor became famous for his work on the Oregon Plan to save the Coho Salmon from being listed as an Endangered Species in the mid 1990s.  Towards the end of his second term, he crafted the "Enlibra" concept with former Utah Governor Michael Leavitt. The Latin word "Enlibra" translates as "toward balance."

Enlibra embraces the following principles:
  • National Standards, Neighborhood Solutions: Assign Responsibilities at the Right Level
  • Collaboration, Not Polarization: Use Collaborative Processes to Break Down Barriers and Find Solutions
  • Reward Results, Not Programs: Move to a Performance-Based System
  • Science For Facts, Process for Priorities: Separate Subjective Choices from Objective Data Gathering
  • Markets Before Mandates: Pursue Economic Incentives Whenever Appropriate
  • Change A Heart, Change A Nation: Environmental Understanding is Crucial
  • Recognition of Benefits and Costs: Make Sure All Decisions Affecting Infrastructure, Development and Environment are Fully Informed
  • Solutions Transcend Political Boundaries: Use Appropriate Geographic Boundaries for Environmental Problems
Unfortunately, John Kitzhaber's campaign water plan makes no mention of greywater, much less water reuse.

The Graywater rulemaking process currently underway in Oregon certainly could use a good shot of Enlibra, especially when it comes to collaboration, science, process, and markets. Thanks for the friendly reminder, Dr. Kitzhaber.  

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