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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Renaming Hughie

The Oregon Water Thorn has ventured into the kitchen sink seiche with reference to the Oregon Onsite Wastewater Association conference.   Apparently Colorado State University is standing clear from the issue, but I don't have much more than what the OWT offered.  The Oregon Onsite Wastewater Association conference link is broken.

I just heard from Ian Alexander who is the Managing Director of Hughie Sink.  He reports that when he first started with the Hughie three years ago it was legislated that kitchen water could not be diverted or used in the gardens.  But apparently cooler heads have prevailed and that is changing. Apparently the Australians got around that because using the Hughie was actually “bucketing” the water onto the gardens and that was acceptable as long as the greasy water was allowed to go down the drain and not used on plants, etc.

Now the Hughies have a good working relationship with water boards in the State of Victoria where they use a plumbing company to do retrofits in the lower income households supplying them with water saving products, with the Hughie being one of them. Sustainability Victoria also does retrofits and are offering the Hughie as an extra water saver.

Leave it to the global experts in conflict resolution to not only find middle ground on a thorny greywater issue, but also invent some of the coolest Greywater Gadgets.

Now they are considering renaming the mighty Hughie.  Some interesting names that come to mind include: The Culinary Kitchen Recycler, Grey to Green Living Sink, or my favorite, The Aussie Eco-Tub.  Share your suggested name for the Hughie and maybe Ian will provide one in the color of your choice as the grand greywater prize.  Thanks Ian!

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