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Saturday, May 22, 2010

“Don’t Leave the Planet to the Stupid”

How do you sell "green"? Use a provocative tag line! Check out this article and many photographs  describing Solar Panel Powerhouse Solon SE headquarters in Berlin, where "From the outside, it’s obvious that Solon likes to make a statement. A huge curved structure covered in graywater-fed grass and solar panels, the building dominates an industrial area of Berlin. The 210 kWp panels only provide about 15% of the building’s energy which might seem counter intuitive for a solar company trying to walk the walk, but recreation and green space were also priorities in the building’s design. Virtually the entire roof is walkable and features small gardens and patios suitable for a lunch break". No doubt, Solon would be a nice addition to The Oregon Way portfolio. Perhaps a candidate tenant for the Oregon Sustainability Center to show us how sustainability is really done?

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