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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Greywater & Groundwater

I was invited to give a presentation on the subcommittee work on siting of greywater systems and impacts to groundwater at the Oregon Graywater Advisory Committee meeting today. The presentation is available on Slideshare, but also posted in the sidebar. I handed out a few Hughies (see also video on sidebar) as parting gifts since I gave the presentation after I resigned.

Some folks have asked why I resigned? I will provide a more thorough answer in a later posting, but it was primarily due to the lack of process. Next to Pinot Noir, Potato Chips, and Pears, process is something that Oregon is famous for exporting, but somehow this "pathfinding" approach was left behind to show short-term "progress" on what was erroneously assumed by the State DEQ to be a relatively "tame" water problem.  But based on my short-term observation of the May meeting, it appears that "authentic dialogue" has finally emerged from the "shakedown".

A future posting will describe what can best be described as an evolution from the "Three i's" as described by Oregon Conflict Resolution expert, Dr. Gregg Walker, to "DAD" and what appears to be "DIAD" as described by conflict resolution experts Judith Innes and David Booher in their new book "Planning with Complexity".

What would the regulatory world be without acronyms?


  1. Surprise. The Oregon DEQ is not known for their ability to deal with process. Their MO is to grease the squeaky wheel, not necessarily hear what needs to be heard. The beauty of their approach is that the painful truths never reach their ears.

  2. OWT:

    Yes, even though I have participated in other environmental policy discussions in Oregon, this one was the first for me where *The Oregon Way* was pushed aside.

    Washington announced the release of their draft rules:


    Look at the process that follows!