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Monday, May 10, 2010

Greywater on the Campaign Trail

The race is on for new county commissioners in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.  Recall that New Mexico is one of the graywater states (see Geography of Graywater Map), but also is not so greywater friendly if one recalls the posting of the water conservation officer in Albuquerque dissing greywater reuse. But one candidate, Paul White, when asked by the Santa Fe New Mexican what the biggest issue facing his district is?

"Water rights. That is why as a court-appointed Aamodt settlement negotiation team member I fought for a pueblo-only water system and the rights of homeowners to retain their wells. I also believe strongly that all future development be water neutral by requiring greywater and rainwater reuse systems".

Katherine Yuhas, who is the water conservation officer at the Albuquerque Water Authority located in nearby Bernalillo County, better hope that Paul White's message is not "contagious" as some workers in the wastewater industry consider the viruses lurking in domestic greywater if permitted to wander with wild abandon.

The Rainbow Water Coalition would be remiss in not acknowledging the Brac greywater recycling systems in the cavalcade of Greywater Gadgets of the Week. Their stringent copyright does not permit any copying of their photographs, so visit their site for more information.


  1. Hi, Todd -- thanks for standing in for Michael today -- it's always inspiring to hear you talk about transboundary water issues and attainable solutions to associated problems.


  2. Tucker:

    It was fun to share the graduate student work in Umatilla County.

    Check out the summary of the project that was recently published in NEGOTIATE - the publication is now in print and available in pdf at http://www.iucn.org/about/work/programmes/water/resources/toolkits/negotiate/. The case studies are also available in full format on the site. The Umatilla Project is the case study in the Pacific Northwest.