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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Manly Deeds, Womanly Words & Greywater

According to business law website Lexology, the State of Maryland passed many bills related to green building. HB 224 "provides that a county may not adopt or enforce a local plumbing code that prohibits a system that recycles greywater. Prior to the bill's passage, many counties throughout the state had removed the greywater recycling provision from their respective plumbing codes. The new legislation will prohibit such practices moving forward. The bill defines "greywater" as "used untreated water generated by a clothes washing machine, a shower, or a bathtub." The bill further specifies that greywater does not include water from a toilet, a kitchen sink, or a dishwashing machine. The reuse of greywater helps to reduce the amount of potable water that a building uses" (emphasis added).

My reading of the summary is that Maryland apparently had a greywater law in place, but the restrictive approach that was adopted lead to the unintended (or maybe intentional?) consequences similar to Wisconsin - no one knew they could reuse greywater.

The geography of greywater continues to expand and the map will be updated. The relaxation of greywater reuse in Maryland might end up like what just occurred in Wisconsin as outlined in this article, with partnerships between industry and academia leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in research funding, and a buzz about jobs creation linked to greywater reuse. This could be The Oregon Way, too, but I suspect the restrictive approach to greywater reuse that is being discussed in Oregon will reinforce the state's motto that "She flies with her own wings" and a lost business and job growth opportunity.

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