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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Washington Releases Draft Greywater Rules

One of the "kitchen water " states proposes a tiered approach to greywater reuse. I am not certain that I agree with the classification scheme and their definition of homeland security, but it is great news to hear that they are done and perhaps can provide guidance to Oregon. I heard that Laura Allen with Greywater Action, shown here with recommendations on kitchen sink wastewater reuse, helped Washington out a little. Check out the rules here. Public hearings are also slated for the first part of June.

The greywater gadget of the week is Art Ludwig's book, Create an Oasis with Greywater Choosing, Building and Using Greywater Systems — Includes Branched Drains Revised and Expanded 5th Edition, endorsed by the visionary State of Wyoming DEQ who recently developed the no-nonsense approach to greywater reuse! Book and DVD available here. Thanks for all that you do, Art.


  1. A wee bit complicated, eh? But getting off the dime is a good thing. Weird there's that distinction between sewers and onsite sewage systems. 300 gallons from a single-family residential onsite system in Oregon would be the whole schlemeel.

  2. OWT:

    I concur, the rules seem overly complicated, but hey, *protecting the public* is complicated work!

    I think the distinction is an attempt to acknowledge the *rural vs. urban* environments.

    Thanks for your continued reading and pithy comments.