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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

eBay eco-house & greywater

The living building parade continues, but the focus of the press is surprisingly on less rather than more. Consider this article in triplepundit describing eco-house for sale on eBay, the online auction service. The small (400 square foot) prefabricated house is composed of mostly recycled materials (that is what eBay sells mostly). And the word on greywater? "Grey water systems are one of the most needed solutions to minimize housing’s impact on the environment. The eco-house’s bathroom featured a Caroma commode directly below the sink—the waste water just flows into the toilet tank". Integrating eBay into the eco-world? This could be an opportunity for The Oregon Way!


  1. This is amazing...there could be a lot of good effects on the environment of there is such recycling and better use of the natural resources.The waste water flowing into the commode tank is awesome as commodes gulp in huge liters of water.

  2. I nearly don't understand the purpose of greywater and I thought eco things are just into surroundings and this includes the population. Thanks a lot for this insights.