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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Greywater In the Shade This Week

Borrowing the concept of the weekly summary for water prepared by Emily Green's Chance of Rain blog because the greywater world was shady this week:

Georgia officially joins the Geography of Graywater world with this article where Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue signs the Georgia Water Stewardship Act.  Highlights regarding greywater "Water reuse applications, such as collected rain water and recaptured "grey" water, are not subject to the 10am-4pm restriction". Question mark on the map will be removed. Welcome!

And this article implies that New York is a kitchensink state. So, the map will be updated accordingly along with Maryland's newfound status as a greywater state.

The Greywater Gadget of the Week focuses on the eco-housing standards in Mumbai, India. "The government’s eco-housing norms, once in force, will have five mandatory criteria for new and existing buildings: grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, solar water heating, energy-efficient heating, lighting and air-conditioning, and minimum disturbance to topsoil during construction". All great ideas, especially the last one which reflects the value of greenwater.

Later in this same article, Architect Hafeez Contractor, who has designed two of the LEED platinum-rated buildings in Mumbai views the green certification system as an American import. “We have traditionally always designed our homes in an eco-friendly manner with verandahs and walls that insulate against heating. It was only in the last decade that the American trend of glass facades caught on in India which has now led to this need to go green,” said Contractor.

Thanks, India, for importing something from the US other than our call centers and military equipment.

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