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Friday, June 25, 2010

Water & Living Buildings Do Not Mix Well

Sustainable Industries announced Washington's first building to attempt the Living Building Challenge: The Bertschi School. They further announced that "the building is slated for completion in November 2010 and is one of 13 projects in the state registered with the Living Building Challenge".  Yikes! Oregon is getting left in the dust!

"Plans include a photovoltaic solar system that is expected to feed excess electricity into the grid. At night, the building will draw from the grid. All of the water on the site, including greywater, will be treated on a living wall installation, on green roofs and in rain gardens. The collective plans to reuse it all onsite as well. The building's potable water come will from the municipal system because of health codes. Efforts are underway to change that requirement or get a waiver". Yes, it appears that Alternate Compliance will be commonplace for water systems serving living buildings. Oregon identified this challenge a couple of years ago in this report.

And Green Building Pro announced the Top 10 Green Building Products  for 2010 including the AQUS Greywater System by Sloan Valve Co. The Sloan AQUS is "...based upon the premise that using fresh water to flush a toilet is unnecessary and wasteful [and the] system takes the water that goes down the bathroom sink, filters and disinfects it, and uses it to flush the toilet".  Welcome to the Rainbow Water Coalition Greywater Gadget of the Week listing!

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