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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Grand Greywater Scheme

I keep finding grand ideas to use greywater in Oregon, yet Oregon is still at least a year away from having its rules and regulations in place to reuse greywater "outdoors" according to the latest workplan summarized in this memo. According to this press release, the Housing Authority of Portland is developing the Resource Access Center (RAC), a federally-financed project "...which would provide homeless people with quick and direct access to programs that move them directly into permanent housing."

The connection to greywater? Brac Systems. Yes, Brac Systems was selected to provide their commercial greywater recycling system to the RAC that will collect, treat, store and recycle greywater to the restrooms in three distinct elements within the eight floors of the RAC. Brac Systems was previously featured on the Rainbow Water Coalition as a Greywater Gadget of the Week. "With the purchase for the RAC by the Portland City Council, Brac Systems is confident of securing a sale for systems to service a seven hundred and fifty man day center for the homeless in the same city by 2011. Sales of greywater systems for homeless shelters are not new to Brac Systems with a homeless shelter in St. Louis, Missouri servicing one hundred men, already supplied and more submitted quotations to a number of other such facilities for up to three thousand men. These facilities spanning four different U.S. States are expected to transfer into sales in the near future. Brac Systems is rapidly becoming the preferred greywater recycling supplier by government and city council project developers, architects and engineers".  Brac Systems Inc, as a Canadian company is the only foreign company in this field accepted by the U.S. government for projects receiving financial support from governmental agencies. Go Canada! 

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