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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Greywater and National Security

The debate around reusing greywater in the Middle East is beginning to converge on how useful it is to the water portfolio of a country. Take, for example, this article from The National, the newspaper of the UAE, where where it states:

"An adequate supply of clean, fresh water is vital to the security of the UAE and the entire MENA region, according to the director of the Abu Dhabi-based Arab Water Academy. Water security means also food security, energy, climate change. It is tightly linked to crucial security issues, says Dr Asma el Kasmi, the first director of the two-year-old academy. 

“This region will be the most strongly hit by the effects of climate change on water. If we do nothing, it’s not only the problems of the water manager, it will really affect overall security."

And the link to greywater?

The arrival of the grey water treatment-and-use-project in the town, in early 2006, was praised by all the residents and especially the women, since they are in charge of water management in the houses,” wrote Nadine el Hajj in a report on the project. “They felt that the used water could be allocated for irrigation, would improve food security, and most importantly would save them trips for hauling water from the polluted town spring.”

Who is Dr Asma el Kasmi?

As the chairwoman of a UNESCO committee on water, women and decision power, Dr el Kasmi earlier worked with village women in Morocco and other MENA countries. Dr el Kasmi is a Moroccan scientist who earned PhDs from French and US universities and was a chemistry professor before applying her intellect to solving regional water problems.

I am convinced.

And the Greywater Gadget of the Week goes to The Flotender Grey Water Machine.
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