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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Greywater & International Design Award

Thanks to Rainbow Water Coalition follower "Lockwood" for bringing this Greywater Gadget to my attention. The Eco-Urinal by Yanko Design! If one finds the gadget a little over the top for greywater, consider that the design won the 2011 International Forum Concept Design award. From the iF website: "The iF concept award [is] one of the most important as well as biggest international competitions for students and young professionals from the areas of design, architecture, marketing and engineering. The iF concept award was introduced as a dicipline in 2003 and has become an award in 2008. It is a label of design excellence for young designers worldwide but also secures points in the iF ranking university for the academic institutions involved". The Oregon Sustainability Center could use the creativity of designer Yeongwoo Kim.

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