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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Greywater Reuse Literacy

The peer-reviewed literature continues to grow within the field of urban hydrology (see Water and Environmental Studies, just to name a couple that have been previously posted). The Urban Water Journal has been around for a few years, but the portfolio of articles on greywater is just starting to kick into gear.  This article caught my eye given the emphasis of *greywater reuse literacy*.  The abstract follows:

"We examined people's views on a number of water issues and their motivation, practices and concerns about greywater reuse for irrigation of around homes. Survey participants (275) from different socio-economic background from 125 suburbs in the Western Sydney region, Australia took part in the study. Regardless of their age and gender, when asked which was the most important issue regarding water in their region from a prescribed list, the majority of participants identified water quality as the most important and availability without water restriction as the least important. About half of the participants reused greywater regularly or at some time during the last few years. The cost of plumbing and health risks to people, plants and soil are critical issues for greywater reuse and need attention. For the reusing widely and sustainably, there is a need for easily accessible, user-friendly information packages to create 'greywater reuse literacy' in the community".

The Rainbow Water Coalition has posted on this before under *Z6* for *Zero Ignorance*, where Living Homes promotes to ".... integrate systems and training to insure our homeowners have information on how their lifestyle choices impact their resource use. With that information, we hope and assume they'll make better choices".

This fits well with the Post-Modern Protect the Public Paradigm. Less hand-wringing and more handouts on how to safely use greywater are needed in Oregon as it continues to fuss with their rules. Heck, even the State of Wyoming usually known for their general lack of attention to the environment given its reliance on mining and energy revenues has some progressive educational materials which can be downloaded hereYes You Can! as they say in the Buckin' Bronco state - and so can you by following a few common sense rules about greywater reuse.

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