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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hughies Invade Wyoming

In celebration of the State of Wyoming's recently-developed and very progressive rules regarding greywater use, I hand delivered a Hughie to Wyoming's powerhouse geo-couple, colleagues, and friends Dr. Bob Starkey and Kimberly Starkey. Bob and Kimberly are both geologists that suffered with me through the boot camp approach to training geologists used at the University of Wyoming. I returned to Wyoming to participate in a panel discussion on aquifer protection, a project I volunteered to help the local city and county with over 12 years ago, only to discover that not much had been done since that time due to no successor effort, except much arguing and hand-wringing over the boundaries of the protection area. The political melodrama surrounding groundwater protection is comparable to that swirling around fluoridation of water described in Allan Freeze's book The Fluoride Wars, and Oregon's greywater experience. Some things never change, like these sage words carved in stone on the campus of the University of Wyoming (the inscription reads "Strive On - The Control of Nature is Won, Not Given" which also served as the inspiration for the book The Control of Nature by John McPhee). I enjoyed seeing the many improvements at the University of Wyoming campus and many former friends and colleagues who appeared happy and healthy, and look much the same, just grayer like me.

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