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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Greywater & World Water Week

World Water Week in Stockholm is magnificent. I have attended twice. I can't think of a nicer place to *talk water* with about 3,000 friends. I was surprised and happy to see that *greywater* received a minor mention in the programme during a session today (apologies for the short notice!) - "Reducing the Risks of Wastewater Irrigation: Strategies and Incentives." The summary of the session:

The seminar will support the new WHO-FAO-UNEP guidelines on the safe use of wastewater, greywater and excreta in agriculture by looking at related financial and economic aspects. Key questions are how to support the implementation of recommended health risk-reduction strategies in situations of existing and non-existing risk awareness? How to value the costs and benefits of wastewater irrigation? And how best to reduce the cost and enhance the benefits of protecting the health of farmers and consumers where wastewater is used?

We will examine the cost-effectiveness of alternative risk mitigation measures by drawing on pilot studies on the implementation of the new guidelines and discuss analytical approaches, policy interventions and farm-level initiatives that reduce the risk from pathogens at several stages along the exposure pathway. This includes conventional and unconventional wastewater treatment, and food preparation.

We will focus primarily on irrigation with untreated wastewater in developing countries, where water pollution is its main driver, but also look at other positions on the sanitation ladder, giving the increasing need for wastewater use in situations of water scarcity.

The event will close with the announcement/presentation of four new publications on wastewater irrigation by the World Bank, WHO, FAO and IWMI-IDRC.

I suspect one of the publications will be the recently-released book on Greywater Reuse in the Middle East that was previously discussed here.

Greywater reuse and the World Bank? This discussion sounds bigger than reusing water for flushing toilets!

But if you do go to World Water Week, there will be a side event introducing a new book critical to Transboundary Water Management. Shill alert! Aaron Wolf and I have a chapter in this book.

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