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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Greatest Greywater Gardening Guide Ever!

Paul James at Just Water Savers USA, Inc. has finally published their new graywater guide - "Graywater Gardening: From Buckets to Irrigation Systems". He is providing it as a general resource on the web, and it is a living document.

Who is Paul?

With over 7 years experience in Australia and the U.S., Paul James is recognised as leader in the field, invited as expert panellist for Industry Symposiums in Australia and the U.S. His graywater dripperline specifications, and ETo / Graywater dripperline efficiency calculations appear in several U.S. state code definitions. Passionate about water, and recognising the rapidly increasing value of water, Paul is focussed on educating the general public about using water to its maximum benefit.

Why did Paul punish himself on the guide? "The challenge will be to keep it manageable as it grows - the length may already be off putting for some, although the meaty section is in the first 30 or so pages. It has been written to encourage people to think about re-using water efficiently".

The book can be read here and here. This news just might get me off my sabbatical! Thanks, Paul!

Graywater Gardening

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