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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Water Advocates & Greywater

Water Advocates is a remarkable water NGO that promotes Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) across the globe. From their newsletter, "Water Advocates is the first US-based nonprofit organization dedicated solely to increasing American support for worldwide access to safe, affordable and sustainable supplies of drinking water and adequate sanitation. Our purpose is advocacy, not implementation of projects. We provide an additional voice for those around the world with no access to adequate drinking water and sanitation.

Water Advocates does not seek funding for itself from the general public. Instead it encourages Americans to sponsor water projects directly, to donate to water projects of their choice, and to encourage government officials to augment foreign development aid for efficient safe drinking water and sanitation programs".

Water Advocates champion, John Sauer, the Director of Communications, is tireless in his campaign, and the newsletter that he compiles serves as testimony regarding his intensity on water issues. One can "meet" John by visiting the "WaterCube" TV where he is the first person interviewed while attending World Water Week in Stockholm this year. If one is serious about international water issues in their many forms, as well as where alot of money is being invested, John's newsletter is a great resource.

The connection to greywater? Surprisingly, the newsletter announced that UNICEF has produced a manual  called Greywater Reuse in Rural Schools. I was surprised because greywater was being promoted as part of the WASH campaign, unlike in many places such as Oregon, where greywater is considered by some to be "unsanitary" and a "threat to public health". I liked this manual because it provides a great summary of simple pre-treatment and treatment processes.

Find a project to donate your time and financial resources to as Water Advocates promotes. Having trouble locating one? Visit the preeminent hydrophilanthropist at WaterWired to find one. Greywater fits into them all.

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