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Friday, November 5, 2010

Cool, Clear, Greywater

Reminiscent of the song made famous by the Sons of the Pioneers, this article from the Capital Press, the West's Ag website describes a plan to build a nuclear power plant near Fresno, CA to desalinate deep groundwater. The nuclear power plant would be part of an "energy park" that also includes a solar energy facility. The state of California apparently has a moratorium on new nuclear power plants to generate electricity, so leave it to the clever lawyers and entrepreneurs to "reframe" the nuke mission - "heat to desalinate water instead of generate electricity, said president and CEO John Hutson".

Here is the plan in a nutshell: "The Fresno plant would pump ground water from a deep aquifer, Hutson said. Details of the plan, including the impact of ground-water rights, and the amount of water the plant might pump, have yet to be worked out. Recycled municipal water, or graywater, could be pumped from Fresno to cool the plant, Hutson said".

Development of nuclear-powered desalination has generated worldwide interest in recent years. But facilities planned and constructed so far involve cogeneration, whereby an electricity-generating plant employs excess heat for desalination.

The opportunities to reuse greywater never ends!

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