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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Greywater Gadget Gets Froggie

Ozzi Kleen takes home the coveted "froggie" for 2010 recognizing Sustainable Water Management by the Environment Council.

Congratulations on yet another award winning greywater gadget by the clever Australians!

Note to The Oregon Way Team:

After nearly two decades of success with the invention of the unique Ozzi Kleen non-septic sewage treatment systems the team at Suncoast Waste Water Management have now come up with an award winning treatment system for the urban community to re-use and recycle their grey water, which has previously been lost down the sewer.  This Sunshine Coast manufacturer employs a team of around 50 staff to run this operation, and has a strong focus on research and development of new and improved water recycling products.

Greywater creating jobs rather than a threat to public health? It happened in Wisconsin, too. 

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