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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Join the EcoSan Club!

I stumbled across the EcoSan Club while searching for additional references on greywater reuse in the world. According to their website, "The EcoSan Club was funded as a non profit association in 2002 by a group of people active in research & development as well as planning & consultancy in the field of sanitation. The underlying aim is the realisation of ecological concepts to close material cycles in settlements".

What is more impressive is their open access journal Sustainable Sanitation Practice which is published quarterly. Their first issue was published in 2009, and the focus of the first issue? You guessed it - greywater. The table of contents includes:

  • Combined greywater reuse and rainwater harvesting in an office building in Austria: analyses of practical operation 
  • Household greywater treatment for peri-urban areas of Nakuru Municipality, Kenya
  • Greywater use in peri-urban households in Kitgum, Uganda
  • Greywater treatment in apartment building in Austria 
  • Combined greywater treatment using a membrane bioreactor
Membership is cheap - 30 Euros per year.

They also developed this cool diagram of "Ecological Sanitation" which "moves a step further by applying an ecosystem view to the problems of sanitation. It relies on the perception of wastes as resources within the system".

With all of the talk about the importance of markets and auctions in the water game, I wonder if there is a market for wastes? Check out their recent issue of SSP titled "Sanitation as a Business".

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