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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oregon Greywater Gadget Wins Award

Beaverton, Oregon-based Puralytics won the national CleanTech Open 2010 prize for environmentally sustainable businesses. According to the press release, "The top prize was awarded the same day that the EPA announced their plan to expand chemical testing for endocrine disrupting compounds. Puralytics provides one of the few technologies capable of removing these compounds from water. Puralytics focuses on solving critical water contamination problems with environmentally superior products. The company has won several national awards in recent competitions including the "Water Investment Idol" award at the American Water Summit 2010 Conference in Washington DC, plus Imagine H2O, and The Artemis Project accolades".

The Puralytics Shield incorporates the latest advances in nanotechnology and semiconductor LEDs to treat greywater, specifically "into a greywater recycling unit for Army field kitchens, to preserve the supply of potable water".

This is great news. I have spoken to the principals of Puralytics on past funding opportunities, and learned that at least one principal is a graduate of Oregon State University, where I work.

Another hint to Team Oregon Way. Invest in greywater. And invest in Puralytics since endocrine disrupting compounds are one of the biggest threats to Oregon's *working river* - the Willamette.

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