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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - Greywater Gadget Year of Redemption

Aquadoc at WaterWired provides some excellent end of the year thoughts related to *science* in all of its forms. Because WaterWired served as the inspiration for the Rainbow Water Coalition, it seems fitting to continue the thought process, specifically as it relates to greywater.

Pure Energy Systems Network, Inc. provided this press release titled ERR Fluxgenerator Looks to 2011 to be a Year of Redemption. According to the press release ..."There were around 20,000 units manufactured. But before they hit the market, the Japanese government issued a shut-down order due to some alleged 'safety concerns', and confiscated all the units."

What is the ERR Fluxgenerator? According to Pure Energy Systems Wiki it is "...a device that allegedly puts out as much as six kilowatts of electricity, tying into the Earth's frequencies, using a solid state arrangement in a panel made from "left-handed material" -- Aluminum and Bismuth interwoven with coils".

The press release goes on to report that "Last week, Ben (Dr. James B. Schwartz (Ben) of the Noah's Ark Research Foundation) told me that experience was a "big disappointment" to him, getting him in a lot of trouble for accomplishing something that had the potential of doing a lot of good....The powers that be didn't want them out. They destroyed mold, and they said they destroyed the inventory, though they probably saved [the devices]. They may have gone to a government research lab for experimentation." (Image from Red Rose Tea Company, the best packaged tea money can buy in my opinion - see disclaimer).

The connection to greywater?

"Ben would like to see the technology used to help clean up waste water as well as to filter, desalinate, and purify water for potable use. His team has spent quite a bit of time and effort in working on these technologies as well. They have been especially considering an effective water-from-air condensation method, as well as a system for cleaning up grey water to make it potable. Ben said they have been inspired primarily by http://www.wastewatergardens.com (a cool website - check it out).

Soon, Ben's company will be relocating to Arizona". I bet the Australians in the greywater business are furious.

Is the ERR Fluxgenerator Good, Bad, or Ugly Science? I don't know. But *science* conspiracies do a good job of rounding out the year of greywater news for the Rainbow Water Coalition.

And speaking of news, against all odds, this posting marks the one year anniversary of the Rainbow Water Coalition's dedication to discussing issues related to greywater. When I started out assisting the State of Oregon as a volunteer with their Graywater Advisory Committee, never did I once think that greywater would be (1) the subject of an intense political melodrama as summarized in this blog, (2) a topic of interest to many global water wonks as evidenced by the visitor map, (3) a big business full of many innovative and clever products mostly designed, manufactured, and marketed by the clever Australians, and, more importantly, (4) the source of enough material to last nearly 135 postings. Yes, that is a far cry from the 3,000 postings that Aguanomics boasted a few days ago, but I am not as smart, witty, or passionate about my blog topic as a PhD economist.

But baby it ain't over 'til it's over Lenny Kravitz (1991). May 2011 redeem you in some way shape or form.

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