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Saturday, January 22, 2011


The parade of new water colors continues. This article in the Seattle PI describes a water reuse project  at the Wenatchee fish hatchery where the water reuse system permits nearly 90% less water use than in traditional hatchery systems. "Most of the water used is filtered, reoxygenated, mixed with fresh water and then reintroduced into tanks".

Why care about reusing water in the area?

"The PUD-owned hatchery, near Lincoln Rock State Park in Douglas County, draws from the Eastbank Aquifer. "The question is whether the aquifer can handle the draw for everyone," said Greg Brizendine, manager of the East Wenatchee Water District. The most recent estimates show that the region's water right to draw from the aquifer could be depleted by 2025, based on an estimated population growth of 1 percent per year. The Chelan PUD, the city of Wenatchee and the East Wenatchee Water District jointly operate the metro area's regional water supply, fueled by the Eastbank Aquifer".

According to the article "One surprising outcome has been that fish are "fitter" and more eager to migrate to the ocean....Miller said the 25,000 steelhead smolts from the Chiwawa facility migrated nearly a week earlier than raceway-reared smolts. Their survival rate past McNary Dam, 200 miles and four dams downstream, increased from 51 percent to 80 percent".

What is the connection to the new color of water - Silverwater?

Fortunately, it does not have anything to do with the now famous $10M wine scam in Silverwater, Australia. Nor, does it have anything to do with the Australian band Silverwater or the famous seafood cafe Silverwater in Port Townsend, Washington.

Rather, the new color of water has everything to do with the color of steelhead fish, and the apparent healing properties of the metal silver dissolved in water "because silver kills every known virus to man". Water reuse is apparently good for fish, too, so in celebration of the magic of the silver-colored steelhead and healing properties of silverwater, behold $ilverwater - recycled fish hatchery water invented in Washington!

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