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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top 10 Greywater Blogs

As noted in a previous posting, the Rainbow Water Coalition received an honorable mention as one of the top 30 water blogs. But what are the top *greywater* blogs. In no particular order, I found the following:

The Greywater Garden Wetlab: Participants plant and maintain a small personal xeric garden using drought tolerant plants, such as succulents with a recycled water supply and then blog about it. Pretty neat stuff!

Bay Area Laundry Greywater Systems: Case studies designed and Installed by Eric Broberg. Pictures, videos, helpful tips on greywater systems. Eric looks like a good resource.

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond: More of a webpage by Brad Lancaster. But a very helpful reminder of the Water Management Group Advanced Greywater Training scheduled for March 31-April 2, 2011.

FoodnStuff: Energy decline & self-sufficiency from Melbourne, Australia. Nice vegetable garden grown with greywater.

Instructables: A Do-It-Yourself page, with instructions for a $9 gravity-fed greywater system. Step by step, and one can subscribe to download pdfs of the instructions. Needs a little work, but a good idea.

Mother Earth Foundation News: Maintained by an NGO of men and women from the Philippines who seek to raise the level of public awareness on environmental issues and mobilize people to act positively on the resolution of these issues. Passionate.

Water Rhapsody - re: thinking water: South African outlet for many opinions and water recycling resources.

EcoBlog.co.za : Another contribution from South Africa. Recent blog posting on greywater.

Treatment Wetlands: Maintained by an environmental agronomist with a PhD who works in treatment wetland design and construction. Examines treatment of other types of *waste* water, including wastewater from wineries. Pay attention Oregon.

Eco-girl: Tips and ideas for green living from the UK. What else needs to be said?

The survey is far from exhaustive; some of the sites listed under *Greywater Goodies* also maintain blogs on their websites (like this one), so if I missed a good one, let me hear from you via the *comments*.


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  2. What a great list of water resources. Great to see that some blogs from around the world including South Africa.

  3. Reuse your greywater to flush your toilets!