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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Top Greywater Videos

There are a surprising number of short videos focusing on the increasingly less arcane topic of greywater reuse. You will find a couple on the sidebar of the Rainbow Water Coalition. In no particular order and with the ease of linking to the video, the following is a quick summary for those insomniacs out there in cyberland.

Google TechTalk - One of the first Google TechTalks ever made starring the grande dame of greywater, Laura Allen of Greywater Action, formerly Greywater Guerrillas. This is not your usual YouTube video as it lasts about 40 minutes. Laura is in a class of her own in this arena, and if you snoop around the internet, you will find that she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk in her cool bay area home.

ReCode - Starring the *Greywater Gangsters* with blackened faces so they cannot be identified and prosecuted by the greywater *guardians* of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality because greywater reuse is still *illegal* in Oregon while the ODEQ develops the rules and regulations using, hopefully, some of the recommendations by the Oregon Graywater Advisory Committee. Others have likened the need for folks to act on their own *behind closed doors* as gestapo tactics by environmental agencies to thwart personal liberty and growth of small businesses. Good group with a great mission. Sad state of affairs that you felt the need to hide your identities. No link provided since the video resides in the sidebar of this blog.

Hughies - The Australians invented the Hughie portable *sink* to *bucket* greywater outdoors. They sent me a case of these beauties which I have given away and have received nothing but rave reviews from even the most discerning powerhouse eco-couples. WARNING: the video shows children near the *feared* kitchensink water, so view at your own risk.

Zen Rainman - The Water Channel has awarded this Indian pioneer in water reuse his own channel on rainwater and greywater reuse. Check out this page, he has a very loyal following. One of the Greywater Goodies!

Green Living - My recent find which turned out to be an adverstisement for AQUS greywater disinfection systems. This doesn't bother me as it has some pretty trendy music.

Hollywood *Squares* - This video is one of my personal favorites with host Tom Bergeron of America's Funniest Videos and Dancing with the Stars fame sitting around the living room of one of his rich friends talking about saving the world. One of his friends describes how California is diverting the Columbia River water in this video. Stealing Oregon's Oil on reality TV. Here is the rub - none of the Oregon state water agencies bothered to follow up on this theft of Oregon's water (some would say Washington's water, too, since there is no compact between Washington and Oregon for the Columbia River - minor detail). Living with Ed, the reality TV show starring Ed Begley, has an episode titled *Veto Power* that focuses on Ed's gazillion-dollar greywater system. The episode must be in reruns as you can't watch it, but the script and some images from the episode can be seen here.

Do-It-Yourself - There are a few of these videos out there, some good quality, some not so good.

Laundry-to-Landscape - Oasis Design Art Ludwig's video to accompany his great book. You can go to his site to see some of the video. It is worth buying a copy simply because Art is the Greywater Guru. Support the cause, because this guy's crew is great.

Love and Mortar - One of my earliest finds of greywater in South African reality TV. Michelle and Riaan build their dreamhome which has a greywater system. Three episodes apparently cover the installation of the greywater system, but you never get to see it. Here is a promo of their show which first introduced the greywater system. They also had a baby during the construction of their home and the greywater system, but no word on the *clash* between the newbie and the greywater system to confirm or deny the risk analysis outlined in this posting:

"Considering that even with these wild assumptions, the risk was on the order of 1 in 10,000 of the kid getting sick, the risk is probably not significant." Art Ludwig, Greywater Guru.

Others that I missed? Let me hear from you and make certain you provide the link to your video.

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