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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Canadians Catching the Wave

Canadian-based IDUS Controls, Ltd. recently announced their home greywater recycling system. The Canadian designed greywater gadget is the Conservepump™, which "...mounts on the wall of a utility space and is easily integrated into existing plumbing, shower and toilet fixtures". No, unlike the EULO, this baby only reuses the bath and shower grey water to flush the toilet.

What is the significance of the Conservepump™? First, finally the clever Australians have some, albeit minor, competition when it comes to greywater gadgets. Second, the IDUS is based in British Columbia, not exactly a place that is shy of water, but an area that realizes the worth of water, and the growing market wave for greywater reuse equipment. Recall that Brac Systems used in Oregon public buildings is another Canadian greywater gadget.

It is just a matter of time before the Canadians invent a new color of water.

"Australia and Canada were settled by adventurers, they had to break new ground. I think that is indelibly etched on our cultural spirit" Canadian musician Tom Cochrane

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