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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eulogizing the Kitchensink

Australian designer extraordinaire James Dyson of the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner fame sponsors a product design competition in Australia and the entries for various products are nothing short of phenomenal. Yes, greywater gadgets abound, and the Rainbow Water Coalition will start the cavalcade of winners with the EULO Greywater Recycling Kitchensink.

From the product description developed by the student who designed the EULO:
  • EULO is the future thinking of sustainable products for the home. 
  • The innovative design enables instant grey water recycling for reuse whilst washing dishes in the home kitchen. 
  • EULO means constant rinsing without the water waste. 
  • Featuring three levels of inbuilt filtration, a primary particle strainer, a gravity activated carbon filter and a UV sanitiser. It also includes automatic detergent mixing and an entirely fresh water tap. 
  • EULO is a complete system that redefines the function of the domestic kitchen sink. 
  • With drought and the cost of water set to increase, EULO sets the benchmark of sophisticated and sustainable H20 products.
For those FUDers out there in greywater reuse land, note that the EULO recycles ONLY the kitchensink water. This is big news for those who FUD kitchesink water because it is not *mixed* with other household greywater; it stays with the sink. And that the water stays inside the house, it more than likely won't need one of the $50 per year permits that Oregon is proposing to reuse greywater.

EULO is invisaged as a future thinking sustainable product, however is entirely feasible at present as manufacturing costs are estimated at $1800 for the complete system to be sold to the consumer at $3000. This is very competitive in the higher end sink market considering EULO is a complete package.

If Eulo rings a bell, it might be due to Eulo, Queensland, Australia, famous for opal gemstones. Mix the ingenuity of the clever Australians with a unique approach to reusing greywater and voilĂ , a new color of water! Introducing Opalescentwater - recycled kitchensink water. Not to be confused with Opaline water, a variant of clearwater manufactured by Veolia, the global water services company.

The EULO sink is as beautiful as the Opalescent Spring in Yellowstone National Park. This greywater gadget is a jewel.

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