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Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 7 Greywater Literacy Schools

Greywater reuse literacy was previously discussed on the Rainbow Water Coalition here and here where Z6 focused on ZERO IGNORANCE as a living building company recognized the importance of education and outreach so their customers would *make better lifestyle choices that impact their resource use*.

Where does one go to get *greywater literacy*? The top *schools* offering training in this important field include the following:

1. Water Management Group - This Tucson, AZ-based program regularly offers certification programs and was previously blogged about here. Offering beginning and advanced training on a regular basis, including in March, 2011. This looks to be the PhD of greywater literacy and they even offer scholarships. When I grow up, I hope to attend this training.

2. Greywater Action - Laura Allen declares war on greywater and rainwater illiteracy with her frequent workshops. Many upcoming opportunities to get smart on greywater reuse in the backyard and the famous Laundry-to-Landscape program developed by the Greywater Guru, Art Ludwig. Greywater Action goes beyond greywater and is a resource on composting toilets. Laura is serious business - she is the first Google TechTalk which can be viewed on the sideboard of the Rainbow Water Coalition.

3. Greywater Corps - Greywater Rambo Leigh Jerrard designs, installs, and educates the world on greywater. He is so generous with his time that he offers some *free* workshops also using the Laundry-to-Landscape theme. So "buck up" and get ready to do 20 pushups!

4. Green Gardener Program - Monterey Bay Green Gardener Certification Program Classes  are offered in English and Spanish at the Salinas, Monterey, Watsonville, and Santa Cruz Adult Schools. A complete curriculum in sustainable gardening and irrigation. Monterey Bay? How can one go wrong at this incredibly beautiful location.

5. Solar Living Institute - Hosted by the Laytonville Ecovillage in Laytonville, California. For $120, learn about designing successful greywater systems, installing systems with common household plumbing, choosing appropriate greywater plants, and legal and practical considerations for greywater reuse on July 9 and 10, 2011.

6. Stephenson College (UK) - This training course is designed to provide installers with all the skills and knowledge required to correctly design and install rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling systems. The package comprises pre-reading of training/reference manual and attendance at a two day practical training course and completion of a practical and written assessment. Nearby Gateshead College will also be offering comparable coursework once their new extension is finished.

7. Able Skills (UK) - Another two day BPEC accredited training course for rainwater and greywater harvesting to meet the needs and demands of the renewable industry using the latest Polypipe rainwater rig and the award winning Ecoplay greywater gadget. The course is aimed at plumbers, heating engineers and ground work engineers who are looking to diversify in to this market. The code for sustainable homes is helping drive an increase in these water saving installations, especially in the new and self build markets.

Given that few Oregon-based Professional Engineers, Registered Geologists, and Registered Environmental Health Specialists have the education or expertise to design greywater systems as outlined in the Oregon Graywater Advisory Committee recommendations, they can no longer lean on their professional credentials to *protect the public*. There are now ZERO reasons for ignorance on greywater reuse systems.


  1. I thought you had already grown up enough to attend the WMG program Todd.

    A shame you wont be there - Would have been fun having you there as my student !!!!

    Best Regards

    Paul James

  2. Paul:

    It has been awhile since you visited the RWC. Heck, if I had known the Grandmaster of Greywater (not to be confused with the Greywater Guru) would be leading WMG program, I would have enrolled.

    Here's hoping you will bring the greywater certification program to Oregon. I have many students interested in earning the certification.

    May all of your buckets be Hughies,