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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greyvolutions - Grey is New Green

More and more we are seeing students from across grade levels and across the world integrating greywater reuse projects into their school projects. Take, for example, this student competition in British Columbia as described in this article by bclocalnews.com, where a seventh grader snagged a Silver Medal for her greywater reuse project, but also was awarded the Naturalist Club Award for a project most relevant to natural history conservation

Students in Israel challenged the conventional wisdom on the safety of greywater to win a chance to visit Stockholm with their project. The James Dyson Award for Australian Design has gone to many students with greywater projects, like this incredible toilet and shower-powered greywater diverter. And then there is the National Science Foundation awarding the University of California - Berkeley for their innovative greywater disinfection plan.

The future of water reuse looks nothing like the past. Greyvolutions are already underway.

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