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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Age of Equaris

The Rainbow Water Coalition has previously posted on such topics as Extreme ClearwaterExtreme Greywater, and now it thinks it has found the Extreme Greywater Gadget of the Week by Equaris that might just be the dawning of the age of Aquarius for greywater.

Thanks to RWC follower and fellow greywater researcher P. Evans who introduced me to the Equaris. Their greywater unit - Equaris Biomatter Resequencing Converter (BMRC) and Greywater (Wash Water) Treatment System has much to offer those in the *blackwater* business as well as the greywater business.

Consider the following attributes:
  • Eliminates septic tanks and reduces leachfields or mounds by 40 to 90%
  • Reduces organic landfill loading by more than 20%
  • Converts 90 to 95% of all toilet and kitchen organic wastes to odorless carbon dioxide and water vapor
  • Is totally automated, energy efficient, requires minimal maintenance 
  • 5 year proven performance history in Alaska, Canada and Minnesota
  • U.S. DOE Energy Innovations National Award Winner
  • 50 year guarantee 
  • Monitoring and maintenance services available
  • Satisfied customers from Alaska to New Mexico
The greywater system utilizes the standard wastewater treatment technology of extended aeration; the water is aerated [*oxidized* using the Oregon Graywater Rules twisted jargon] and bacteria grow on the interior surface walls of the tanks. As the water is circulated by the 67 watt, 110 volt linear air compressor the bacteria clean the water in a natural process. By separating the toilet flow from the greywater, the estimate for water consumption and greywater treatment is 40 gallons of wastewater per person per day. Based upon 24-hour retention for adequate treatment of the greywater, the estimated treatment capacity of each Greywater Treatment System is 250 gallons per day. For flows over 250 gallons per day additional Greywater Systems are added and installed in parallel. The aeration and circulation process biologically filters the wastewater, producing a treated wastewater effluent quality that can then be efficiently and economically filtered and disinfected for reuse. The quality of the treated water was independently tested by Olmsted County, MN and documented the following reductions. TSS 50—88%, Kjeldahl Nitrogen 83-90%, BOD 78-93% and Fecal Coliform 1000 fold

Bottom Line: This equipment will meet FUDing state standards for graywater treatment.

The age of Equaris is not cheap, but I think everyone agrees that quality and innovation costs, especially during the early stages of a *new* age. The Equaris Biomatter Resequencing Converter (BMRC) - Compost Tank-costs about $12,500. The Equaris Greywater (Washwater) Treatment System costs about $7,500.

zodiac symbol
It has been said that we are currently shifting into the Aquarian Age. It looks like Equaris is part of the cosmic shift in thinking about water carriers, regardless of the shade of grey.


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