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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Colors of Covert Operations

The Colors of Security (Terror Alert Levels) and the relationship to greywater have been previously posted here.

But what about the connection of covert operations to the colors of water you ask? Activities directly or indirectly associated with military covert operations usually end up in some way shape or form released to our nation's soil and groundwater, creating the type of *stew* that gets Erin Brockovich *all nerved up*. Think Department of Defense and Department of Energy legacy waste sites across the US.

Continuing the colors of stuff series (water, waste, carbon, data, security, and greywater), introducing the Colors of Covert Operations:

Black Ops - probably the color of covert operation that we hear most about since it is so expensive and the secret activity designed to "look for trouble" many times leads to not-so-secret failures. Also officially defined as *The activity engaged in appears to emanate from a source (government, party, group, organization, person) usually hostile in nature*. Think Rambo.

Grey Ops - defined as the true source (U.S. Government) is not revealed to the target audience, or in other words *kind of coming from the US, but not really*.

White Ops - in the eyes of intelligence, comes from the US so they can take credit for it. Also linked to coordinated protests, demonstrations, pamphlets, websites, or any number of standard ways to bring about social change or awareness when you read White Ops.

Red Ops - NSA government top computer hackers. Just when you thought your internet security program was up-to-date, think again.

Yellow Ops - a special forces watch, made by Luminox. Why would anyone wearing black clothing or camouflage wear one of these? But here you have it. Cheap at $300.

Purple Ops - a special operation by the NFL team Baltimore Ravens. "We’re going to have t-shirts and everything”. Go team! Go figure.

Green Ops - used by the Marine Corps, where the operation is reconnaissance, designed to collect any pertinent intelligence of military importance, observe, identify and report adversaries to commanders. Also the ultimate recycling project.

Blue Ops - used by the CIA in Afghanistan to *curry favor with chieftains*. Clearly an operation we are losing if we need to use pharmas to *win* the big one. I wish I created this color of covert operation, but it does not support diversity of use, so does not receive the RWC endorsement.

Pink Ops -  is apparently not an officially designated color of covert operations unless one includes the pink submarine in the 1959 movie *Operation Petticoat*.

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