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Sunday, April 10, 2011

End-of-Life Greywater

Greywater has taken on a whole new *life* of its own - as the by-product of the end-of-life. This article in the Boulder, Colorado newspaper, DailyCamera profiled a new way to deal with the issue of *disposing* of humans - the Coffin Spa developed by CycledLife.

*In the Coffin Spa, a body is submerged in an alkaline/water mixture that is pumped through the "coffin" and heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. After six to eight hours, the corpse is reduced to a brown liquid and a small pile of bone residue...The process has been around for nearly two decades, but has mostly been used to decompose animal carcasses and donated human cadavers. CycledLife for the first time brings the procedure to the nation's funeral homes*.

At first glance, this might sound like a farce, but read on...

*Alkaline hydrolysis advocates got a boost earlier this year when the Colorado Legislature passed a bill that makes "chemical methods" an accepted form of body disposition in the state. The measure, HB-1178, awaits the governor's signature*.

And the connection to greywater?

*Boulder resident Kari Alexander has plans to start up a green-focused pet disposition business called Eco-Pet Service. She placed an order for an alkaline hydrolysis device from CycledLife. She said she has already identified a Boulder County landowner who wants to use the gray water that will be generated in the decomposition process to enrich his pastureland. That should give comfort to environmentally conscious pet owners who don't want to contribute to global warming by cremating their dogs and cats, Alexander said*.

The conventional method of disposal of bodies filled with medications and pathogens can act as sources of groundwater contamination. Even though this process for disposition of human remains is environmentally friendly, I suspect the FUDing about greywater, especially the kitchensink greywater in Oregon, will *kill* this use of greywater in Oregon.

Has the CycledLife system invented a new color of water? The color of water jury is still out, but it is certain that a new definition of ghostwaters has been created.

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