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Friday, April 29, 2011

Z6 + The Water Channel = 3R

Continuing the effort to eradicate ignorance in water reuse (Z6), the WaterChannel posted this note on April 27. 3R is not a rock band (like U2), an intelligence agency (like MI5) or the next all-important global conference (like COP16).
And no, it is not the latest cutting-edge technology that hydro-geologists are rolling out of their labs. 3R is an outlook that values managing water at the local level. It involves maximizing the local surface / groundwater buffer through rechargeretaining the water and benefitting from it when most needed, and reusing the water after it is extracted and used.
The following videos demonstrate some 3R-related techniques:
Practices/ techniques like these are neither new nor complicated. They have successfully met local needs in different parts of the world.
‘Adopting 3R,’ then, amounts to combining various strategies like these, while planning and implementing water management at the local level. The stress on ‘local’ reflects the objective to give people the means to protect their livelihoods in the face of increasing climate variability. At the macro-level, technology, policy and institutions should be in tune with the idea of local water buffers.
Visit the ‘Be Buffered’ website for details on 3R. More videos can be found on TheWaterChannel.

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