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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Asian Tiger Roars Green

WaterWired recently posted on a trip to Korea to speak on Central Asia water, which prompted the Rainbow Water Coalition to explore what Korea might be doing in the way of greywater reuse.

The RWC was not disappointed.

This article in The Korean Herald reports that *Samsung C&T Corp., the country’s No. 2 builder, is strengthening its eco-friendly capabilities to take the lead in applying green technologies to the construction sector. The company, which developed the zero-energy building Green Tomorrow, has been strengthening research and development efforts, as well as securing a pool of experts. Green Tomorrow contains 68 eco-friendly technologies, allowing the building to cut energy use and use renewable energy sources. The building was awarded the top Platinum rating in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification*.

No US outfits are involved, and noone from the *green* state of Oregon?

*Overseas institutions Samsung C&T is collaborating with include Canada Design Research Network in the field of eco-friendly design, Finland’s VTT Technical Research Center in air quality and the U.K.-based Energy Systems Research Unit in energy simulations*. 

And the connection to greywater?

*The company has also been active in installing greywater systems, and is currently installing the system at 11 sites. In particular, the Samsung Group office in Seoul is fitted with a greywater system with 490 ton capacity...The company has also developed a high-efficiency greywater treatment system that requires less space and operating costs*.

Other Grand Greywater and Green Schemes take note. Taiwan also built the tallest green building.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider these grand green investments and support existing, local, net-zero efforts.

Korean Proverb: hijaki banida (시작이 반이다). - Starting is half the task. A good start is important to any effort.

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