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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getdowns Greywater Gadgetry

It is finally summer time (at least around some parts of North America), and given the few days of dry, cloudless days in Oregon, it is time for festivals and rodeos. Portland hosts an annual Blues Festival along the Willamette River on July 1-4, which is a kick. Cheyenne Frontier Days happens during late July, and if one lost their recycled rattlesnake hat band or belt, this is the place to restock. And let's not forget about the annual Getdown in North Carolina over Labor Day weekend. I am certain there are a few other events that I am missing, but one gets the point - there is alot of fun to be had across the states, and even more opportunities for reusing greywater.

Like this example profiled in the London Free Press where *This year, the city has added a permanent sewer and underground grease-collection bin in the park to collect waste water created after food vendors wash their dishes. Instead of that grey water being dumped into the city's storm sewers and ending up in the Thames River, the new system separates the grease, fats and oils from the rest of the water*.

Thanks to Maryanne MacDonald and her group Waste Free World, who are making summer festivals in the UK, and perhaps the world, greener. Gosh, with the Waterfront Blues Festival so close to the Willamette River, it would make sense for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to promote something similar given the Oregon Environmental Council's Love Your River campaign.

Thanks to the Oregon Water Thorn for the tip on the campaign and shout out on Exempt Wells.

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All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk. 
~ Former US President Ronald Reagan 

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  1. Awww... you missed Corvallis' own Da Vinci Days, July 15 to 17, with Bobby McFerrin and The Yellowjackets this year.