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Friday, July 8, 2011

Greywater Gets Zambonied

OK, as a native Canadian, this is water news that I can relate to because it is another example of multi-phase greywater. This article by The Canadian Press, TSN version, describes greywater reuse in Manitoba for ice rinks!

*The province is looking at a pilot project that would see the Winnipeg arena where Stanley Cup champion Jonathan Toews played hockey as a child convert its shampoo and sweat-laced waste water into ice for five of its skating rinksJohn Bennett, executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada, said recycling grey water to make ice rinks is an innovative idea which benefits everyone. It cuts greenhouse gas emissions and saves municipal taxpayers money by reducing the amount of water that needs to be purified, he said. It also means less pollution gets into the country's lakes and rivers, Bennett added. There is no reason that ice rinks need to be made from the highest standard of drinking water in the land, he said.

"I'm pretty sure there isn't a health problem as a result of this," Bennett said. "I think it's a very good idea and a way to make Canada's national game more energy efficient.*

For those curling experts in the readership, be forewarned, greywater is not suitable for curling ice...*but some curlers are a little more reticent about playing on recycled shower water. Ray Turnbull, curling champion and retired commentator for TSN, said ice is one -- if not the most -- important factor in the sport. Curling rinks are currently made from de-ionized water which ensures no chemicals end up in the ice, he said. Otherwise, chemicals rise to the surface and can create "pebbles" in the ice, he said.

"I don't think you'd have a chance with curling," Turnbull said. "Skating ice is 1,000 per cent different than curling ice. The ice is everything.*
* * *
There are three things in life that people like to stare at: a flowing stream, a crackling fire and a Zamboni clearing the ice. 
~ Charlie Brown

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