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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rainbows Converge in Pacific Northwest

The Rainbow Family of Living Light selected Skamania County, Washington for the gathering this year. According to their *unofficial* website, the Rainbow Family is *...the largest non-organization of non-members in the world. We have no leaders, and no organization*. According to this article, the gathering may top 50,000!

The Rainbow Family of Living Light visited Oregon in 1997 using a site in Ochoco National Forest near the town of Prineville. If one is concerned about the *footprint* associated with such a large gathering, check out this article in The Oregonian about having difficulty finding the location given its rapid recovery.

And the connection to greywater? Just like the Burning Man event, the Rainbows have a *mini-manual* covering all the necessities of living amongst others who thrive on non-organization.

* * *
When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow ~ Old Native American Prophecy (from the unofficial website). 

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