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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Australian Scummed by Greywater?

Former doctor, clever Australian, and megadealmaker, Geoffrey Edelsten, apparently had about $300,000 made off by his business partner who was developing the greywater device - Enviro Water Boy - according to this article in Australian news The Age.

Watch the Enviro Water Boy, the Greywater Gadget of the Week, in action here.

And here is a review of the Enviro Water Boy by the LA Times where they state *And it doesn't cost that much: $299 for the 8-gallon version, $359 for 16 gallons, $399 for 24 gallons, and that includes shipping from Australia*.

I wonder if JustWaterSaversUSA, Inc. will eventually stock Enviro Water Boy. If they offer them in the color assortment of the Hughies, I would order an Aqua-colored version, but they probably will be illegal in Oregon since they *spray the grey*. Would probably sell well in the greywater *spray* friendly states of Wyoming and Oklahoma.
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A Man of Business is one who becomes possessed of other people's money, without bringing himself under the power of the law. ~ Australian historian Marcus Clarke 

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  1. I sent these schmucks $$ for their contraption via PayPal and they never delivered. Even asked the LA Times Susan Carpenter, who wrote the original article about the company to intervene and still no product.