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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saving Water the Western Way

Western Oregon University is one of the smaller schools within the Oregon University System wedged in between Portland State University located about 60 miles to the north and Oregon State University  located about 20 miles south. And both PSU and OSU make the news for their efforts at being *green*. But don't let the size or *smoke* fool you. WOU is a major player in the academic world of *greymatter means greenmatter*.

Check out this article in Sustainable Business Oregon where WOU is awarded LEED Platinum for a residence hall. Yep, the silent *wolf* slipped by the neighboring biggies to secure *...the first large-scale, new construction residence hall in the nation to receive LEED Platinum, the highest green building designation issued by the U.S. Green Building Council*.

Check out their *facts* - *In its first year of operation, the university projects the building cut its electricity use by 35 percent and produced water savings of nearly 75 percent that of a comparable building of its size*.

The only disappointment is the lack of greywater reuse, but this not a shortcoming of WOU, but rather is related to the Oregon greywater program still under final review of the rules and regulations.  I suspect the water reuse world will be hearing more from WOU.

Small quiet school, large green statement.

* * *
Many a small thing has been made large 
by the right kind of advertising.  
~ American humorist Mark Twain 

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