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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Army Goes Beyond Khaki Green

Recalling this posting about the Department of Defense efforts to go beyond khaki green with respect to *sustainability*, I visited Camp Rilea as part of guiding a new cohort of OSU geography graduate students across Oregon. No, LTC Rees was not there because he is off to training, but we were greeted by Beaver alum LT Oldham, a soldier-chemist, who graciously provided a great tour of the state-owned facility, including his water quality laboratory (not off the shelf, but rather put together using his many years working in a commercial laboratory), tallest rappelling tower in the military (something over 80 feet tall as I recall), and their state-of-the-art water treatment plant shown here. LT Oldham keeps Camp Rilea, as well as other military installations, within permitted contaminant concentrations for lead and other things military with his OSU degree in chemistry and biology and self-designed laboratory.

We were told that Camp Rilea plans on building a wind farm soon since the winds are pretty good here, with the highest wind velocity recorded in Oregon at 152 miles per hour. They have one small turbine in operation now.

Camp Rilea is open to the public which I was not aware of. So stop by and check this great resource out. And have a burger and cold one at Kilroy's, the camp pub.
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