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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Omani Low-Cost Methods to Treat Greywater

The Middle East Institute has several viewpoints on water and the environment that are very well done. One of the series of viewpoints they produce addresses many great research papers, but the one that caught my eye was the low cost treatment of greywater reuse in Oman.

Why? *Studies have shown that 80% of water used in Omani households is greywater*.

Commercially available greywater systems (aka *greywater gadgets*) are too expensive for individual households and small mosques. Therefore, a low-cost low-maintenance treatment system was designed, constructed, and operated at a mosque.

The treatment system shown here looks very similar to the biosand filters that David Manz developed  with the exception of the activated carbon portion in the upper part of the treatment system.

The financial analysis showed that the internal rate of return (IRR) for the locally manufactured (Al Hail mosque sys- tem) and the commercial systems (SQU mosque) for the mosques were 14.9% and 19.06%, respectively. This shows that such systems will be cost effective. IRR for the commercial system at a private house indicated that such systems will not be cost effective. Costs of the systems and the amount of greywater treated were the main factors affecting the outcome of the financial analysis.

So if one is searching for a low cost, off-the-grid, greywater treatment system, this looks like a winner. However, it is not certain if this system will meet the stringent treatment standards for oxidizing the greywater required under Oregon's rules.
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  1. Hello,
    It is worth mentioning here that such systems are not limited for treatment of Greywater just.It is conceivable to utilize this framework for enhancing the quality of low-quality surface water.The treatment unit essentially enhanced the quality of water with respect to COD,TSS, and a couple of other water quality parameters.Coliform and E.coli were totally eliminated.
    Best wishes.
    @Linda Smith.