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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Burning Platform

From the entertaining scribble site - Scrivle
What will it take to get folks to get beyond the *yuk or yuck* factor to reconsider recycling their  greywater? According to this esteemed panel of water use experts in the UK as discussed in this article in Water Portal News Magazine it will be a *burning platform*. No, not the blog, or famous memo by Nokia's CEO, or the platform used at the Burning Man festival, but rather a drought or a water security challenge.

The UK is experiencing the same challenge that other areas that have *rain* - an almost negligible amount of water reuse. The classic case of *hypnosis of abundance*. But this problem of public acceptance of greywater is not new to greywater governance.

One of the more interesting sections of the article follows:
*Public health concerns of home owners and businesses often prove to be barriers to the take-up of new recycling technology. Dr Ben Courtis of GE Water said that while he could supply equipment to companies which could enable them to use ‘grey’ water in their processes and reduce their use of expensive drinking quality water by 50 per cent or more, manufacturers and buyers believe their brand image would be compromised if they were seen to be using less than top-quality water.*

As I continue to teach a course in Sustainability to about 300 students during the fall term, the time dedicated to the Rainbow Water Coalition has been reduced to about quarter time. But at the same time, it permits me to reflect on what are some of the shortcomings of the concept of *Sustainability* and one that stands out more and more is *sacrifice* - one needs to not only reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink, but also *relax* their personal standards by sacrificing their preconceived notions of what is *acceptable* - particularly when it comes to things like the *yuk or yuck* factor associated with water reuse.
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Rumor: Weapons of mass hypnosis are found in the USA.
~ Free Speech Organization Loesje

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