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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Greywater Not The Rocky Mountain Way

Examination of the Geography of Graywater map at the bottom of this page reveals a major gap in the western US - Colorado. Recalling this posting from last fall where greywater experts and Colorado State University professors were aiding efforts to introduce a bill to legalize the use of greywaer, this article in the Northern Colorado Business Report indicates the bill died in committee. This strikes me as strange given that CSU is one of the top ten greywater universities.

The vote was 5-4. Better luck next year.
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  1. i might have posted my opinion on this question in my first post, the post on Colorado University.
    yes, it does seem strange that this bill would die, but politics is politics! the politicians want to look good in the eyes of their citizens by coming across as if they are for the people, but in reality they are not. they are about control. and people and communities who can sustain themselves on their own recycled grey water is not what the governments really want. this is my opinion, but what else could it be? there is some reason behind the bill dying and it benefits the government not the people.